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Trading Callouts

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“Anyone can post a screenshot of trading gains after the fact, but little to no one can actually be as transparent as I am and post their trades live.”

the daily trader

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Welcome To The Team? (4:58)

How to Join the Mentorship Group Discord Server (6:43)

Mastering Technical Analysis

How to Correctly Trade Moving Averages (8:16)

Support & Resistance in a New Perspective (17:01)

The Importance of /NQ and /ES (6:22)

Trading Setups, Patterns & Trends

My Golden Setup (20:11)

How to Trade Breakouts (15:30)

Trading Break of Patterns (BOP) (8:24)

Overbought Pullbacks (8:24)

Mastering Technical Analysis Part 2

How To Create Effective Watchlists (4:08)

How To Find & Scan for Winning Stocks (24:32)

Mastering Trading Psychology

Trading at Peak Performance (7:11)

Dealing with the Highs and Lows of Trading (7:25)

Self Observation & Revenge Trading (12:31)

Trade Options like an Expert

Options Trading Explained (5:17)

Entering An Options Trade (6:24)

Greeks & Options Chain (5:40)

Mastering Risk Management

My Secret Trading Formula (16.43)

Strike Rate Risk/Reward & Position Sizing (7.33)

Becoming a Million Dollar Trader

Creating a Trade Journal (7:14)

How to Manage a Trade (2:06)

Setting Goals for Success (7:03)

When To Take Profit or Cut for a Loss (4:24)

System Execution

Using TOS Risk Profile Tool (16:46)

Creating a Trading Plan (13:19)

Trading Live & Full System Breakdown (27:48)

Trade as a business

Tax Accounting (3:29)


Conclusion (1:37)