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274.55% YTD

  • $COIN 26.72%
  • $BTNX 52.94%
  • $LLY -4.86%
  • $DGX 16.07%
  • $EWZ 21.67%
  • $WHR 52.94%
  • $CMCSA 30.88%
  • $XME 14.28%
  • $DOCS 40%
  • $XLK -35.93%
  • $AAPL 38.26%
  • $SMH 27.34%
  • $CHTR 59.74%
  • $EPAM 3.36%
  • $ON 50%
  • $SE 45.31%
  • $UBER 45.93%


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Welcome To The Team? (4:58)

How to Join the Mentorship Group Discord Server (6:43)

Mastering Technical Analysis

How to Correctly Trade Moving Averages (8:16)

Support & Resistance in a New Perspective (17:01)

The Importance of /NQ and /ES (6:22)

Trading Setups, Patterns & Trends

My Golden Setup (20:11)

How to Trade Breakouts (15:30)

Trading Break of Patterns (BOP) (8:24)

Overbought Pullbacks (8:24)

Mastering Technical Analysis Part 2

How To Create Effective Watchlists (4:08)

How To Find & Scan for Winning Stocks (24:32)

Mastering Trading Psychology

Trading at Peak Performance (7:11)

Dealing with the Highs and Lows of Trading (7:25)

Self Observation & Revenge Trading (12:31)

Trade Options like an Expert

Options Trading Explained (5:17)

Entering An Options Trade (6:24)

Greeks & Options Chain (5:40)

Mastering Risk Management

My Secret Trading Formula (16.43)

Strike Rate Risk/Reward & Position Sizing (7.33)

Becoming a Million Dollar Trader

Creating a Trade Journal (7:14)

How to Manage a Trade (2:06)

Setting Goals for Success (7:03)

When To Take Profit or Cut for a Loss (4:24)

System Execution

Using TOS Risk Profile Tool (16:46)

Creating a Trading Plan (13:19)

Trading Live & Full System Breakdown (27:48)

Trade as a business

Tax Accounting (3:29)


Conclusion (1:37)

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone learns at a different pace. Your progress is dependent on the time and effort you put into the lessons.

You can ask any questions in our private Discord group. If your question is urgent you can send an email to support@thedailytraders.com

If you’re just learning how to trade with our course, it’s best to start with a simulated account. You might make mistakes as you are learning. It’s best to make these mistakes with simulated currency but gain real-world experience. It’s just like trading live on the actual markets with zero risks!

You can use any brokerage of your choosing. I give you my opinions on some brokerages you can use in the lessons.

There are 2.5 hours of video content in the course, spread out into over 24 videos. Completing the course will take 2-3 days on average.

You will have lifetime access to the course. It does not expire.